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By Lisa | March 1, 2012

House manager (paid) from Thailandlek

Lek was our house manager. She’s been around for 3 years, but became full time the end of February 2012. She is from the mainland, Trat. She has been on Koh Chang for over 10 years. She lives here with her husband, Yui, and their two daughters, Yoke and Yah. She was “the boss” when it came to anything to do with the cleaning, ordering animal food, and cluing us in on local customs or gossip. She was always ready to help out with the animals but prefered to stay out of the surgery. She was paid by the hour,  so had no complaints about extra time at the center ! She left in 2014, came back and then went on to start her own business selling vegetables …and does well.

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