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Where Your Donations Go

We want you to understand how important your donations are to us. Some of the following photos are graphic; however, you need to know what we deal with on a daily basis.

Machete Face - street dog



This poor fella was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some people found him in front of their home and he was terrified. They called in at 10 pm to tell Lisa that the dog had been cut in the face. Due to Thai culture, they didn’t state the severity of the case.

They told Lisa the bleeding had stopped and they thought he would be ok until morning. The next morning they brought the dog in…Lisa was SHOCKED !!!


Three hours later, and some 60 sutures our patient was “put back together”. These days he can be found in front of the 7-11 store and you can hardly see a scar.

Earboy - Tua Lek



Tua Lek (means, small one) came to our attention through our local favorite restaurant Blues-Blues. The owner told Lisa of a large male cat at the recycle yard that had been, he thought, run over by a car. Upon investigation, Lisa found Tua Lek had a terrible ear mite, flea and mange problems.



Tua Leak was brought to KCAP and spent 3 months here. The wounds on his head were to the bone and scratching had become habitual. Unfortunately, in order for him to heal properly we had to remove 2 nails from both of his hind feet. Today he is home and happy.




Sheeba had distemper, mange and bed sores. She had been tied behind a bar with no food or water for a week before she was rescued by 2 Americans. When she was brought to KCAP she could not walk and was very close to death. Emergency treatment was the only thing that saved her.


This is Sheeba after she had been with us for 2 weeks. She gained 11 kg., was able to walk and happy to get LOTS of attention.

Sheeba has been back at her “home” for over a year. I will insert a picture soon (right now my camera is broken). At this time she is fat, has an interesting hair color and plays daily with 3 poodles.