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About us

The Koh Chang Animal Project is now recognized by the Royal Thai Ministry of Livestock as an official Animal Aid Center.

The Koh Chang Animal Project is a non-profit animal health clinic that was established by Lisa McAlonie in 2002. It is located on the island of Koh Chang in Thailand, near the Cambodian boarder. The project is supported by private donations only.  If you make it to the island,  please contact Lisa on her mobile phone 089-042-2347 to make an appointment for a visit or volunteering. You can also contact Lisa by email.

The main focus of the project is to educate the local people how to provide their animals with good general health care and offer the services necessary to do so. There is no official billing system at the project. It is asked that people pay for the materials used, but the time and treatments are free. People usually cover the cost of materials, plus they give a donation towards the care of the temple and street animals. The people of Koh Chang have known Lisa for over 16 years now; they have come to trust her. If someone needs help with their animal and they have no money, it’s not a problem. They already know that they can come to the project to receive animal health care for free. Sometimes a donation of fish, rice, washing powder or bleach is offered (and greatly appreciated).

The services provided at the project include: