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Sasha and Lek

Resort owners on the island

Sasha and her husband, Lek, own the Jungle Way Resort on the island. They live there 50% of the year with their daughter, Emi.  The other 50% of the year they live in London. They are great animal lovers !

Hazel and Peter


Adventurers from the UK

Hazel and Peter are big supporters of the project. They help us by transporting animals, suppling much need items from the discount store and getting Lisa out of the clinic for Sunday dinners !! They live on the island and have a sailing boat business, Sea Adventures.


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Mechanic from Holland

Peter lives on the island with his partner, Emmy. Peter is very helpful with the project. His skills have been used many times to help improve the facility. Peter did all the welding for the outdoor dog kennels. He also made the shelving in the kitchen.


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Builder from Australia

Greg lives on the island 50% of the year with his partner, Olay. He is extremely warm hearted about donating his time to charities. We have him to thank for our new outdoor dog kennels.



Web site coordinator from Germany

Volker has been helping us since 2007. He takes care of our website. He lives on the island and helps to give medicines to the animals that live near his home. Thank you Volker !!



Volunteer from Canada

Micheal is our “manly man”. He takes care of the grounds and does our “dirty” work. He lives in Taiwan, but visits regularly. We are very greatful to have Micheal to keep our facility looking good. Thank you Micheal !!