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Visiting Veterinarians

Nurse Juliet & Bob from UK

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Retired vet nurse from the UK

Nurse Juliet has been very generous to help us out at the project. She has given us many things to make our work easier. The digital camera she donated took most of the photos on this web site. Her daughter, Sasha, owns a resort on the island. Juliet lives in the UK with her partner, Bob.

Dr. Irit Hillel

Veterinarian from Holland

Dr. Irit came to help at the project in 2003. She is the initial force and provider of courage that drove Lisa to continue forward to establish the project. She lives in Holland with her husband, Bruce, and their 2 sons. We have tried to contact her many time but we can not locate her.

Dr. Chris Darmody

Veterinarian from Australia

Dr. Chris came in to help us in September of 2007. She was only here for a short time but she was very fun to work with. She donated her time to get a broken tooth out of a VERY big black Labrador. We hope to see her come back again.

Drs. Richard & Ruth Lysons


Veterinarians from the UK

Drs. Richard and Ruth came to help the project in 2005. They were generous with their time to teach our staff. Dr. Richard’s daughter, Sasha, owns a resort on the island. They live in the UK with their 2 children, Katie and Sam.

Dr. Massimo Rubeo


Veterinarian from Italy

Dr. Massimo came by to help us in 2005. He was here on holiday with Dr. Carlos and their families. We thank Dr. Massimo for sacrificing hid holiday time to help us.

Dr. Edda Hoffmann


Vet from Germany

Dr. Edda is a very warm hearted and generous person. She has been the cornerstone of the project since 2004. She has come to the clinic to train our nurses and consult on the services provided. Had it not been for Dr. Edda, we would not be able to maintain such a high standard of services. Dr. Edda lives in Germany with her partner, Jonny, and their dog, Sushi. We owe her our very top respect.