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Previous Volunteer Staff


House manager (paid) from Thailandlek

Lek was our house manager. She’s been around for 3 years, but became full time the end of February 2012. She is from the mainland, Trat. She has been on Koh Chang for over 10 years. She lives here with her husband, Yui, and their two daughters, Yoke and Yah. She was “the boss” when it came to anything to do with the cleaning, ordering animal food, and cluing us in on local customs or gossip. She was always ready to help out with the animals but prefered to stay out of the surgery. She was paid by the hour,  so had no complaints about extra time at the center ! She left in 2014, came back and then went on to start her own business selling vegetables …and does well.



Dan started as a volunteer at the Koh Chang Animal Foundation in the beginning of July 2009. He was with us until mid March 2010. I am honored to inform you that he was a valuable asset to our foundation during his stay. His daily duties included customer interface, client check-ins, animal assessment prior to vet exams, vet assists and clinic management. His most outstanding function was as a surgical nurse. He preformed anesthesia, vital monitoring and documentation for 103 surgeries. These surgeries ranged from dog and cat sterilizations, amputations, road traffic accidents to emergency services.Dan is a very precise and conscientious worker with strong ethics. We will miss him dearly and we hope that he will return and volunteer with us again some day.



Vet nurse from Australia

Kane was with KCAP from February 2008 Until August 2009. His compassion for the animals was outstanding. He was at the clinic 4 days a week and it was a delight to see his smile in the morning. His learning and understanding while studying with Dr. Edda Hoffmann was amazing. Kane’s medical development grew by leaps while working at KCAP. He  would assist with 4 surgeries in a row and not even complain !! We will miss him dearly and wish him all the best in the future.

Mr. Sompong


Veterinary technician from Thailand

Mr. Sompong works for the Ministry of Livestock in Thailand. He helped us out by coming in once a week to do flank spays on female dogs. He was our only “paid” surgical staff. We taught him important English phrases like..”You the man !!”. He, his wife and their daughter live on the mainland. We hope to see him stop in for a visit.



Vet nurse from Scotland

Denise was with the project for a couple of weeks in 2007. We were very happy to have her. She is wonderful with handling dogs and correcting “naughty” behavior. We hope Denise will return one day.



Vet nurse from UK

Karla is a qualified veterinary nurse with 17 years experience. She was with the project from 2005 until 2007. Her help and knowledge base was invaluable to the clinic and its patients. She helped daily to run the clinic and also did field visits. She covered a variety of services for the animals, all around the island. We miss Karla dearly.



Temple monitor and coordinator from UK

David was with the project from 2004 until 2007. He visited the temple on a daily basis. His visits were essential to maintaining welfare and identifying trauma to animals that did not have owners and were dumped at the temple. His reports were phoned into the clinic and relevant action was taken as required. David was a wonderful supporter of the project but has moved on to manage a new local elephant camp. We wish David all the best in the future.


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Transportation Helper from Germany/Ireland

Sonia was on the island for 4 years with her husband Momo and her daughters Sheila and Rouya. She helped us with the transportation of animals around the island. Her help was necessary to insure the safety of the animals. Sonia has also written articles that have been published about the project.



Accountant from the UK

Lisa took care of all of our books. Luckily she could read Thai to sort through all of our receipts. Lisa lived on the island with her husband, David, and 8 cats !! She was with the project from 2004 thru 2008.



Vet nurse in training from the UK

Megan came to join the project in 2007. She was only 19 years old but had been traveling in South East Asia since she was 16. Megan had studied with previous, and visiting, nurses and vets at the project and had become a very good student. She left in March 2008. We wish her to return one day as a certified vet nurse. But we hear she is attending nursing school….for humans !!!