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How to help financially

By admin | January 2, 2008

We need all the help we can get !!

All of our funding comes from private donations.

Lisa has put in 250,000 US$ of her own money and can no longer support the project by herself.

Any person interested in donating funds to help support the continuation of the Koh Chang Animal Project may do so.

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Click on one of the the PayPal buttons at any time.

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Direct deposits can be made at the Bank Ayudhya Public Company Limited.

Account name: Miss Elizabeth Marie McAlonie

Account number: 368-1-12054-3


Please note: The account name is a personal account because the bank will not issue an account number to an Animal Aid Center. We are trying to find away to accomplish this.

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You may also contact Lisa at + 66(0)89-042-2347 or email her at

Thank you very much for any help!!

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